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Cast iron rainwater gutter systems are designed and manufactured to give many years of reliable service, but to achieve this, regular inspection and minimal routine maintenance should be carried out including:

  1. Annually check and clear the gutter systems & rainwater heads of any leaves and debris that could cause a potential blockage (may require more checks if in close proximity of trees etc).
  2. Also inspect the condition of the paintwork at the same time as 1. wiping clean any film built up, to protect the surface finish.
  3. Also check on security of fixings and joints. If the manufacturers installation and paint suppliers instructions are adhered to re-painting should not be required for approx 5 years or longer. (Unless subject to aggressive atmospheric conditions i.e. coastal towns and providing the integrity of the finish coat is maintained).

Cutting Pipe

How do you cut a length of cast iron pipe or gutter? With pipe there are three methods.

Firstly the easiest and quickest way is by using a powered disc cutter or metal saw (as shown here in the diagram).

Secondly, by pipe wheel cutter, which takes slightly more time but gives a neat square edged cut.

Thirdly, by hacksaw, although a tungsten tipped or 50 TPI blade is usually required.

Note: Snap cutters are not recommended for use on cast iron pipes etc., and safety equipment, for instance eye protection, should be worn at all times.