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Pipe Installation

Step 1

Using plumbline from centre of nozzle/offset, determine position of shoe or connection to drain. (Fig. 1)

Step 2 (Eared Pipe)

Determine the position of the fixings and drill suitable holes to take rawlplugs or anchors. 8mm x 50mm min. non corrosive fixing should be used without wall spacer plate, 8mm x 75mm min. non corrosive fixing with wall spacer plate. (Fig. 2)
Note: Cast Iron Spacer plates may be required if wall is uneven and will also allow for easier maintenance. These should be fixed with the flat back plate to the back of the pipe ear.

Step 3

The pipe spigot is offered into the shoe socket and positioned in line with the plumbline, hole centres are then marked through centre of elongated holes in ears, this will allow for adjustment. (Fig. 3)

Step 4

Drill and fix as shoe.

Step 5

Repeat until last full length is fixed, ensuring in each case that the pipe spigot is fully seated in supporting socket.

Step 6

The last pipe length should be measured from the internal base of the socket to the underside of the gutter nozzle (A), or to the spigot of the offset (B), remembering to include the depth of socket in overall length. (Fig. 4)

Step 7

Cut pipe to length allowing 5mm for clearance on length and fix as previously described. 
Note: It may be necessary to lift gutter to locate nozzle in the pipe socket.

Step 8

Finally, to centralise and secure pipe joints, use wedges made up from sheet lead cut into 30mm strips, rolled and tapped, between socket and pipe. This should be inserted in 3 places to avoid any rattle. (Fig. 5)

Uneared Pipe Fixing

These can be fixed using a drive in spike (tradename, Holdfast), wrought iron or galvanised mild steel. (Fig. 6)
A wall fixing bracket made in galvanised mild steel can also be used by drilling suitable holes and inserting rawlplugs to take 50mm (depth) screw. The bracket will then be located to the back plate supplied. (Fig. 7)

Note: For rectangular pipes, a cast iron decorative ear band can be supplied by Saint-Gobain PAM for fixing pipes to the wall.