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Why choose Cast Iron as the Green choice

Cast Iron as a material provides many reasons why it’s the first choice over plastic based systems when considering the future Environmental impact.

  • Cast iron uses 97% re-cycled material in the manufacture of gutters and rainwater systems, which in turn are 100% recyclable. Cast iron which has come to the end of its long life has a residual value by taking it to a scrap merchant. Cast iron can be re-melted and made into new. Other materials such as plastic claim they are recyclable – but too often end up as landfill as the infrastructure to carry out such recycling just isn’t there.
  • Cast iron is a Greenpeace recommended drainage material. There can be no greater approbation than one from the world’s foremost environmental campaigners who leave no stone unturned in their determination to husband our planets dwindling resources and safeguard its environment for the future.
  • Long Life. Strong and durable, cast iron has a proven life span in excess of 50 years, and it is not uncommon for it to exceed 100 years. Cast Iron systems will last your lifetime, demanding little if any modernisation and minimal maintenance. The natural consequence of this of course is absolutely minimal environmental impact.
  • Plastic may be able to resemble something like cast iron – But it will never be able.

Make cast iron a matter of fact in your environment.

We do not own this planet. Every generation is but a caretaker for the next. How responsibly we husband this precious environment and its dwindling resources will be our greatest contribution to its sustainability. And our children’s children will be our judges.

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