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  1. The cast iron rainwater systems shall comply to the dimensional requirements of BS460, and conform to a British Board of Agrément certificate (where applicable ie standard half round gutter and fittings, and circular downpipe systems).
  2. The cast iron rainwater systems shall be manufactured under a BS EN ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance scheme.
  3. The gutter system should be jointed using a mechanical gutter clip.
  4. Circular downpipes
    1. 65, 75 and 100mm rainwater downpipes shall be installed with a fixed/or loose socket head, incorporating the Classical ‘C’ rosette ‘The Mark of Quality’.
    2. Where the pipe is required to be projected from the wall, cast iron wall spacer plates shall be used.
  5. The cast iron rainwater systems shall be supplied to site protected with a black primer coating, ready for on site painting, or with factory applied top coat. Follow the manufacturers’ painting instructions. It is the responsibility of the installer to examine and repair any coating damage prior to further primer coats being applied. Final coatings should be applied prior to installation by the installer/purchaser *.
  6. Where pipes and gutters are cut on site, the ends shall be cut clean and square with burrs removed. All cut ends shall be made good/re-coated strictly in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.
  7. Where there is a wooden fascia, the gutter systems shall be supported by cast iron fascia brackets.
  8. The cast iron rainwater systems to be from Saint-Gobain PAM’ ‘Classical’ range.
  9. The metal used for the manufacture of cast iron rainwater pipes, gutters and fittings shall meet the requirements specified for cast iron in BS1452 Grade 150.
  10. The cast iron rainwater systems shall be installed in accordance with the relevant health and safety regulations, to standard of workmanship BS 8000, and to the recommendations from the Classical Installation Guide.

* A 4 coat system would be considered an absolute minimum protection for an external system, ie. 1 primer, 1 undercoat and 2 gloss coats, (or 2 undercoats and 1 gloss coat) giving a minimum coating of 90 microns. Alternatively Classical PLUS with its factory applied coating giving a greater thickness as well as more consistant finish could be used.

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