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Half Round Profile

If installing Half Round Profile Gutters, The New Cast Iron Jointing Kit can be used as an alternative to the traditional method. Kit contains enough materials to seal 20 Half Round Gutter Joints (and is suitable for the 100, 115 and 125mm HR sizes. For 150mm HR , see Fig. 5).

  1. Push screw through spigot of gutter or fitting and then through the hole in the gasket material. The hole in the gasket is a tight fit and will locate on the screw while the joint is being made. (Fig. 1)
  2. Locate the screw, seal and spigot of the gutter or fitting into the socket of the gutter or fitting and fix square nut to the end of the screw. (Fig. 2)
  3. Ensure the seal is sitting squarely in the socket and tighten the nut on the screw. (It may be necessary to hold the screw with a screw driver as the seal is compressed. (Fig. 3)
  4. Trim excess rubber at the edge of the joint with a sharp bladed knife. (Fig. 4)
  5. Paint gutters, joint and screws as per Installation Guide.

Beaded Half Round, Deep Half Round, Moulded No.46, OG, Notts OG and Box Profile

Gutter sockets should be joined to spigots with a specialist rubberised bitumen gutter sealant or a low modulus silicon sealant, then fixed with a corrosion resistant round/ pan head setscrew and nut, M6 x 20mm long. (Fig. 5)

Spread sufficient sealant within the socket, applying additional sealant under the head of the setscrew, when bringing the parts together. The nut should then be finger tightened. Any excess that appears should then be removed. Allow the sealant to ‘cure’ and then tighten the nut and bolt. Do not over-tighten as this could damage the gutter. (Fig. 6)

Repeat this procedure for all joints.

See notes regarding replacement gutters.

Note: Before installing gutters and fittings, ensure that all pieces have been suitably painted. See painting finish methods.

If any gutters have been cut, ensure that there are no loose filings on the system as these will quickly discolour the product.

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