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Classical cast iron rainwater systems offer the specifier and installer additional flexibility with a loose socket, spigoted pipe barrel option for circular rainwater downpipes. This simple and cost effective way of installing cast iron rainwater pipes ensures the minimum of wastage, utilising the pipe offcuts to its maximum potential.

Typical Installation Guidelines

Working top down (example)

  1. The loose socket is located and fixed so that it fully supports the offset, or is located beneath the nozzle outlet from the gutter system.
  2. A pipe barrel is then inserted into the next loose socket. (See diagram 1.)
  3. Both pipe and socket are then offered to the fixed socket spigot, ensuring that the pipe end is located to the underside of the fixed socket.
  4. Holes on loose socket are marked, drilled and socket is then fixed.

Repeat Steps 1 – 4 until stack completed either with a rainwater shoe or directly into the drain.

In a situation where the connection at the base of the rainwater stack runs into the drain inlet, a wall fixing bracket (or eared access pipe) will be required to retain the pipe barrel. (See diagram 2.)

For other methods of fixing and more information on installation advice please refer to theย Classical Installation Guide.


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