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Classical Plus

Classical Plus cast iron rainwater pipes and gutters with pre-painted semi-gloss finishOur Classical Plus range offers all the benefits of our Classic cast iron rainwater systems range PLUS all guttering, pipes and fittings are pre-painted in a quality semi-gloss, black finish and ready to install!

  • High performing Polymer alloy (Plascoat PPA 571 ES) is a thermoplastic coating powder which is recognised by the industry for outstanding performance on metal for external applications.
  • Excellent resistance to stress cracking, adverse weather conditions, salt spray and typical airborne solutions.
  • Classical Plus coating has been salt spray tested in excess of 1,000 hours and ultra violet resistance
  • Factory applied by experts - average coating thickness of 200 microns
  • Black as standard - a further six colours available made to order.

Download our Classical Cast Iron Range 'Quick'Reference' Components guide (PDF)

Technical help

Not sure what size guttering you need for your home, or where to fit support brackets?

The benefits of cast iron

Aesthetics and durability are only two of the many benefits you gain from using Classical Cast Iron Rainwater.

Top Tips!

Which gutter profile you should use? Would round or rectangular pipes best suit your property?